Safety Harness Eyebolts

All anchorage devices – whether existing or new – must be tested annually, in accordance with BS 7883:1997

Pinnacle offer the most competitive rates available for both the installation and testing of safety harness eyebolts.

Our testing services include:

  • Each and every eyebolt will be annually removed, examined and re-fitted
  • Each and every eyebolt will be annually tested
  • An identification tag, detailing when retesting of the equipment is next due, is fitted to every eyebolt
  • A test certificate will be issued following satisfactory completion of each annual test

We also offer a full range of eyebolt installation and repair services, which includes:

  • A free no obligation survey and report
  • Installation and repair of PVC coated eyebolts, galvanised and stainless steel eyebolts for both masonry and steelwork applications
  • Installation and repair of removable eyebolt products

If you are interested in our installation and testing services please contact us to arrange a free site survey and quotation.